Common Mistakes People Make When Ordering Decals

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Although online media has gained popularity in recent years in the marketing sector, print media can still play an integral part in reinforcing your brand name and logo. Labels, tags, decals, vehicle decals, and promotional items can be used as marketing tools to promote your brand and products. While many entrepreneurs print decals to market their products, we’ve seen a few of them commit avoidable mistakes that hamper their advertising strategy. It’s advisable to work with a professional printing company with experience in the area of screen printing decals. To help you sidestep costly errors and reap the benefits of print marketing, Novatex Serigraphics Inc. has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when ordering decals and how you should avoid them.

1. Ordering full-color graphics
Keep in mind that full-color graphics aren’t always the answer. In fact, we generally do not recommend our customers to use full-color graphics if they are going for a vehicle or a smaller coroplast sign. Instead, it’s best to use an image that is simple to read at distance and speed. If a photograph is used, make sure that it isn’t the focus of your design. Your company name and contact information should be the focal point.

2. Using the wrong color combination
Another common mistake we’ve seen people make is choosing color combinations that don’t work. If there isn’t enough contrast between the background and the text, the decal won’t look right. It’s advisable to use color instead of a white background, such as a prairie background, and contrast it with white text. 

3. Not giving enough time for your project
You need to allow sufficient time for your project, mainly if it’s a new project. The task that takes the longest is setting up and proofing. We recently had a customer who left a project to the last minute, but was also super particular, requiring half a dozen proofs. The end result was that she didn’t get precisely the signage she wanted for her event. On other occasions, our customers work on a project and only think about labeling just before the product is going to be revealed for the first time at a conference. Usually, we manage to provide decals in time, but occasionally we have to take some shortcuts on materials to make it happen. Therefore, it’s recommended that you contact your printing company well in advance if you want fine quality printing.

4. Being indistinct about the style of logo or color
We’ve come across many customers who have not specified the style of logo they need. Often, they contract the design for a new logo and give the same one to use on everything. Designers who have been around a while understand that logos are used in all sizes for all kinds of different purposes, and they design multiple versions to be used in different ways. 

For example, the University of Saskatchewan has this:

There are color specifications provided for digital and screen printing, as well as for web design. There are also versions to be used at different sizes; for example, if the logo is less than .375” tall, one should use the simplified version of the logo so that it is readable.

The other mistake we’ve seen is a designer naming a color but not giving any Pantone equivalents. In a case like this, we go back to them and ask them to provide us with some concrete Pantone numbers to match to, which takes longer.

To steer clear of these and other mistakes related to printing, reach out to the professionals at Novatex Serigraphics Inc. We have been providing custom printing services in Saskatoon, SK, for over twenty-five years. We have the knowledge, technology, and expertise to fulfill all your printing needs. We print CSA labels, overlays, tags, decals, vehicle decals, and promotional items for a wide range of businesses, using efficient, affordable, and environment-friendly methods. 

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