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Are you looking to save money on new signboards for your business or facility? If you are, Novatex Serigraphics Inc. offers screen printed Coroplast signs that are relatively cheaper than the standard options available today. Coroplast signs use corrugated plastic, which makes them look almost similar to corrugated cardboard, but as they are made from tough plastic materials, they are resistant to different forms of impairment like insect damage.

At the same time, as they are waterproof and light in weight, Coroplast signs are suitable for use outside, and ideal for interior applications, especially if your walls cannot withstand excessive stress. Moreover, with our short summers, many companies that work on various types of constructions have a very short window to advertise their services and thereby make money.

Also, with two elections coming up in Saskatchewan- municipal and provincial - screen printed Coroplast signs are usually cheaper than digitally printed signs (depending on the number of colors, size, and quantity).

As the only locally owned and operated screen printing company in Saskatoon, SK, we encourage these businesses and political candidates to contact us for pricing and insights about Coroplast products. It is designed to help them save money and support local businesses. Also, when we create Coroplast signs, we offer step stakes to make installation simple. Unlike old card stock signs, wooden stakes don’t need to be used anymore. This adds to the convenience of these modern plastic signs.

The price of our Coroplast signs usually depends on the size, quantity, and the number of colors you require. That said, it shouldn’t be as costly as the other options available. Similarly, it is a more durable product, which makes Coroplast the new standard these days.

For more information about Coroplast signs, give us a call at 306-934-7515 or email us at novatexgraphics@sasktel.netNovatex Serigraphics Inc. is a well-known printing company in Saskatoon, SK, providing professional printing services for over twenty-five years. We possess leading knowledge and technology to handle your printing requirements, regardless of whether you need one or five thousand prints. We are very accurate with our work and guarantee the products that we provide. That way, our clients can rely on us to meet their printing requirements and exceed their expectations.

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