Novatex Graphics Sponsors The Annual RUH Foundation’s Royal Middle Earth Ball

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On October 19, 2019, at Delta Hotels by Marriott, Bessborough, Novatex Graphics continued its annual support of the RUH Foundation’s annual gala.

2019’s fundraiser was held to raise money for the Trauma Unit at Saskatoon’s Royal University Hospital. This became a priority after the Humboldt Bronco’s accident, which killed sixteen, and injured thirteen members (players and support staff) of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League (SJHL) hockey team.

The RUH Foundation gala is a black-tie or costumed dinner and ball with Silent Auction items and a raffle. Each year has a specific theme, and this year’s theme was Middle Earth. The annual gala is always a blast and gathers support from many sponsors, including Novatex Graphics, for a wonderful cause.

Novatex Graphics started out as the sign sponsor for RUH Foundation Gala. We supplied signs designed by an Ad Agency, but after our second year, we jumped at the opportunity to take on the design of everything from the Save the Date cards and invitations, to the program and, maybe most importantly, to design the sign and display elements which help to immerse the attendees in that year’s theme. This is now the sixth year we’ve been in charge of these aspects.

Each year, we try to highlight new (and sometimes old) techniques and materials when designing and manufacturing the different elements for the event, and we try to make it as immersive an experience as possible for guests. This year’s theme was Middle Earth from the acclaimed Lord of Rings series, and we tried our best to bring it to life for the Royal Middle Earth Ball.

Here are a few of the design and print elements we brought to life for the annual gala:

The Royal Middle Earth Ball sign hung above the main entrance of the Delta Hotels by Marriott, Bessborough.


Fancy your car being parked by an Orc for Mordor?


Henry from the Novatex Graphics team, made an Ent for one of the pillars, which got a lot of interest from guests and passers-by over the weekend.


Once inside the Delta Hotels by Marriott, Bessborough, there was a welcome sign featuring Gollum, aka Sméagol.


Along with the welcome sign, there were floor graphics that led the way to the elevators.


All the elevators wore printed tapes to resemble various scenes from the Lord of the Rings series.






When getting off the elevators, attendees were greeted by a bridge going over a fiery expanse leading to Mordor and Mount Doom. Special lighting was provided by Cheryl at Barndog Productions.


The Eye of Sauron kept watch over the Royal Middle Earth Ball from its highest tower and formed the backdrop of the stage.


The backdrop of the bar was an image of the Shire.


As sponsors, we got to attend the event, and we were delighted with the final results. We believe RUHF and the guests were too!

The RUH Foundation ball is held yearly, and tickets can be purchased at Keep an eye out on their website for next year’s theme!

We have sponsored this event for some years now, and RUH Foundation recognized our efforts last year on National Philanthropy Day.