Five Questions To Ask Yourself When Buying Decals

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A decal is a design, pattern or image which is transferred from a masking sheet to a smooth surface. Prepared usually on vinyl, plastic or paper, decals are widely used for various applications. Homeowners seek decals to decorate their walls and windows or to apply designs to their vehicles. Businesses and organizations use custom decals as a form of branding to entice potential customers.

Today, many hire professional printing services to bring their creative vision to life. You can count on them for the best results as they use advanced technology and premium quality materials.

However, before contacting any printing specialist, you need to consider certain factors relevant to your decals such as size, location, material, quantity, and so on. To ensure you make an informed decision, Novatex Serigraphics Inc. has put together a few questions to keep in mind when installing decals.

1. Where will these decals be applied? Indoors or outdoors?

All vinyl is suitable for the outdoors, but some are better for long-term use or on vehicles.

When asking for a quote on your decal, make sure you let your vendor know the end use of this decal so that they can quote appropriately. It's also helpful to make a note of the materials they are quoting on so that you can get quotes from their competitors and make an informed decision.

2. What kind of surface are the decals going onto?

Is the surface smooth or textured? Is it plastic or metal? Some plastics require special adhesive on vinyl to adhere well. Textured surfaces may not be suitable for decals at all, and a nameplate might be the best option.

3 How large should the decal be?

It is more important to think of the available space than to decide on the text or image size of the decal. Many times, we get sent requirements for text and image size only to find out that the space available doesn’t allow for it.

4. How many decals are needed?

Small quantities can be digitally printed while larger quantities can be screen printed. Things like decal size and the number of colors impact this decision as well because it might be cheaper to screen print twenty-four large, one color decals than to digitally print them.

5. How can my decals stand out?

If you’re looking for more impact than a plain vinyl allows, there is a range of specialty materials that will make your customer notice your decals, such as chrome and brushed silver, pearlescent finishes, reflective properties and so on.

For custom printing services in Saskatoon, SK, reach out to the experts at Novatex Serigraphics Inc. With over twenty-five years of experience, we have the knowledge and technology to handle all of your printing requirements.

We produce a range of decals including safety decals, promotional decals, window decals, and any other kind of decal that you can think of. These are both screen printed and digitally printed. You can choose from permanent, removable, static cling or high tack adhesive vinyl in white and clear, as well as reflective sheeting. 3M embossing foil is stocked for Model Serial number and certification labels, as well as white and silver 3M polyester for serialized inventory control decals.

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