How This New Trend In Printing Could Benefit You

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How This New Trend in Printing Could Benefit You - Novatex Serigraphics Inc.

The biggest aspect that has been driving changing customer preferences in the print industry, is technological change. Printing technology is now focused on broadening the scope of what’s possible in the industry and providing clients with a plethora of options. ‘Adapt to the change!’ has become the mantra and one of the outcomes of this adoption of the ‘future’ has been the growing trend of ‘personalization’.

According to statistics from the graphics sphere, there is a tremendous demand for machines that allow businesses such as ours to create custom graphics on a wide array of materials. While wide format printers and lasers have been around for some time, there are now other areas of our industry that are being given the opportunity to offer this service. Almost any material, from wood and fabric to glass and even to metal can now be personalized with names, logos and much more, in an affordable way.

The arrival of advanced technology gives us new and interesting materials to print on. We’re now able to offer our customers even more exciting ways to personalize their walls, floors, vehicles, and other areas.

We believe that new technology is always exciting and at Novatex Graphics, we like to implement ideas of adapting this technology in ways not conceived of by the designers and constructors of the machine. For example, we use our Roland LEF-20 flatbed printer for both industrial and decorating purposes. It fits in with both our screen printing and digital printing areas very well, filling in the gaps of what can’t be easily or successfully done by either screen printing or digital printing. This allows us to increase both what we are able to provide existing customers as well as bring in new customers who then see what our capabilities are.

It’s not always rainbows though. The downside with a trend such as personalization is that it can be time-consuming to set up. Customers can't easily visualize how something is going to look, so they often require a pre-production sample.

For printers, it can be time-consuming to set up a file for a hundred different nametags, if we don't get the proper file format. The other downside of this growing trend is some of these beautiful new products that we offer are either not easily available or are available only as full rolls, or are very expensive. As a result, finding the right person willing to pay for them becomes quite difficult.

In an industry where the business model has changed little over several decades, print service providers now face a difficult balancing act. While profits will continue to flow from traditional products and services in the short term, service providers cannot bank on this sustaining indefinitely. This means they need to develop new capabilities and shift resources away from their currently successful business models.

Novatex Serigraphics Inc. has been known as a problem solver for a long time. We have been adopting any change in technology so that we can help you, irrespective of your needs or demands. If you have any questions about printing on any material, please contact us by clicking here. To learn more about the other services we have to offer, please click here.