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About Novatex Graphics

Novatex Graphics is a manufacturing company. We say manufacturing as opposed to printing because many things we do go beyond putting ink to a substrate. We are, in fact, very industrial.

Our office and workshop are located in Saskatoon, SK, the Land of the Living Skies. Some say the prairies are boring, but we love it here - except for winters! My husband Henry and I have owned and operated the company for the past twenty-one years. We are proud of the company’s growth since then; and we are proud that our printed products get sent to all over the world - even outer space!

We operate out of a 4000+ sq. Foot building which has three distinct areas. Area 1 is the administrative/design area where our graphic artist, and I (Cindy) work on our computers and interact with customers, mostly via email. Area 2 is the finishing area where various printed products are die cut, laminated, counted and packed. Here, we have flat bed plotters, a die cutter, a shear cutter, and a laminator. Area 3 is the screen printing area where the printing presses and UV dryers are operated. We recently added a Roland LEF-20 flatbed printer to our fleet. Primarily it is used for small quantities of overlays, but we can also print and personalize promotional products with it like golf balls and mugs.

The Novatex Graphics Difference

At Novatex Serigraphics, we are problem solvers. Our customers often come to us with projects that usually aren't handled by our industry. For example, a farm equipment manufacturer insisted on us building copper shields to prevent radio interference with the electronics- the company that had been making them also did massive amounts of work for Texas Instruments and weren't interested in a "small" job like this, anymore. The bonus for us is that we can then offer similar products to other customers.

We are also one of the few companies that have the capacity for both large and small jobs in our building. Screen printing is ideal for larger quantities, but if you just need a limited number, we can also do them in-house.

We prioritize customer services and focus on delivering quality. No matter the size of the job, it is handled in our building, and the quality is always controlled by us. We treat all customers as special by finding out exactly what they need and then providing them with a solution that meets or exceeds their requirements. Every new challenge keeps us interested as we are never doing the same things over and over.

Our team believes in giving back to our community. For the past three years, we have designed and produced signage for the Royal University Hospital Foundation. We have also sponsored signage for various walks and other events to support local causes.

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